The prix Stars du Réseau de la santé (SRS Awards), created by Caisse Desjardins du Réseau de la santé, are designed to highilight and recognize professionals for their involvement in pursuing their goals to improve public healthcare.

More specifically, these awards provide professionals with peer recognition for the various initiatives they put forward in their department or institution.

Numerous prizes totaling $ 20,000 are awarded each year to the 12 finalists in four categories that reflect Desjardins values (simple, human, modern and high-performance).

Distribution of the total amount of $ 20,000

5 000 $ per category :
– 1st position : $ 3 000
– 2nd position : $ 1 500
– 3rd position : $ 500
– 4th and 5th position : Honorary mention

The categories :

Simple : Simplifies tasks or processes and improves procedures in your establishment.
People-focused : Focuses on the human aspect of healthcare.
Modern : Creates advantages for patients and their families by implementing new procedures.
High-performance : Improves procedures by promoting the interaction of disciplines (interdisciplinarity).

With over a hundred applications received each year, our competition is now part of the health and social services ecosystem. Our SRS Prizes are therefore now a must to promote your involvement in the community.

Discover the finalist projects

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