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Clinique Médicale L’Envolée

Clinique l’Envolée, unique in Quebec and located at Hôpital Saint-François d’Assise, CHU de Québec – Université Laval, aims to provide support to adolescent mothers during the prenatal period and to foster positive ties with community resources before and after childbirth. The clinic’s various multidisciplinary professionals ensure the transition between these two pivotal periods to ensure an environment conducive to the development of newborns. Clinique l’Envolée becomes a reassuring environment, an anchor point for these teenage mothers and for any newborns who meet vulnerability criteria.

In addition, the clinic provides transitional post-discharge follow-up without having to resort to hospitalization when newborns present complex physical conditions that cannot be managed by local services or when they are from vulnerable home environments. The clinic closely monitors newborns for specific health conditions and ensure they receive comprehensive care. This personalized approach allows newborns to develop within a family setting and improves their integration into their home environment, while avoiding all the challenges associated with hospitalization.

Nurse practitioners specialized in pediatric care (IPSSP) collaborate with pediatricians, a social worker and multidisciplinary specialists to ensure coordinated follow-ups, the progress of the child’s treatment plan, the promotion of health and disease prevention. Their goal is to provide newborns with the same specialized care they would receive in hospital, provided by equally qualified and committed professionals.


Submitted by Rosalie Roy, Head of the Nursing Unit, Obstetrics Unit– HSFA

Other contributors: Dr. Isabelle Bouchard, Pediatrician; Dr. Josée-Anne Gagnon, Pediatrician, Acting Head of Pediatrics; Dr. Jean-François Turcotte, Pediatrician; Josée Gaudreault, Department Head of Specialized Nurse Practitioners; Marie-Josée Laprise, Coordinator of Pediatric Services; Caroline Pouliot, Coordinator of Obstetric and Neonatology Services; Rosalie Roy, Head of the Nursing Unit, Obstetrics Unit – HSFA; Véronique Toussaint, Advanced Practice Nurse; Carl Lebel, Nurse Practitioner Specialized in Pediatric Care; Émilie Rondeau, Nurse Practitioner Specialized in Pediatric Care; and Lucie Casault, Assistant to the Director, Interprofessional Pediatric Services and Alexandra Guillemette Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.