11 May 2023
The Caisse Desjardins du Réseau de la santé performs well for its members and clients
On April 5th, the Caisse Desjardins du Réseau de la santé held its virtual Annual General Meeting. This was an opportunity for members to learn about its most recent financial results.
7 March 2023
3 innovations that make financial services more accessible
Here are some Desjardins innovations that let you easily do your banking remotely and at any time.
7 March 2023
4 telltale signs of a phishing email
Did you know that logos, signatures and security features are easily forged and widely used by fraudsters? Here are 4 sign.s that point to a phishing attempt, they have one thing in common
17 August 2022
The 52 Week Money Challenge
What if you could save $1,378 in just 1 year?
1 August 2022
Recession unlikely in 2022 but plausible for 2023
A mid-year update and lookahead with Desjardins Chief Economist Jimmy Jean
22 June 2022
Automatic investments keep your emotions in check
Decide on an amount and set up regular, automated transfers to your investment account—just like the pros
16 June 2022
Historically, the numbers go up
It’s impossible to know when the bear market will end and when the bull market will begin. This
8 June 2022
Being calm and positive: a wise investment
Various socio-economic factors can cause stock markets to fluctuate. Are you concerned about their evolution? It's perfectly normal. Our advisor Maxime Garneau is there to help you.
31 March 2022
4 reasons to participate in your caisse’s annual general meeting
As a member of a financial cooperative, you can significantly influence its strategic priorities by voting on many points at its annual general meeting (AGM).
25 March 2022
7 clues to help you spot a scam
Fraudsters use a variety of schemes to achieve their goals: phishing, romance scams, phone scams, money scams.
23 March 2022
Contribute to your well-being with your tax refund
As soon as you’ve filed your tax return, you’ll find out whether you’re entitled to a tax refund.
14 March 2022
Market Volatility: Keep Emotion out of your Decisions
The recent news regarding the Russian-Ukrainian conflict may have you wondering about your investments.
11 March 2022
5 tips to grow your business!
We present you the 5 main principles that will allow you to grow your business.
11 March 2022
How to become a homeowner ?
Virtual conference on March 15, 2022 presented by the group funds.
14 February 2022
4 ways to reach your savings goals
Do you have a project? Discover 4 ways to save for your projects.
11 January 2022
Simon Deschênes, your Health Personality 2021
Discover our Health Personality 2021
7 January 2022
Who says summer, says terraces!☀️
We suggest 5 terraces to discover or revisit this summer ☀️
2 December 2021
Enjoy winter sports with the right insurance coverage
The popularity of winter sports is at an all-time high! While it’s essential to dress properly to shield yourself from the cold, it’s also important to have the right insurance coverage.
24 November 2021
7 tips to celebrate the holidays without breaking the bank
7 tips to celebrate the holidays without breaking the bank????
19 November 2021
Announcement of the finalists for the 3rd edition of the SRS Award (Stars du Réseau de la Santé)
MONTREAL, May 7, 2021 - The Caisse Desjardins du Réseau de la santé is pleased to announce the finalists of the 3rd edition of the SRS awards.
19 November 2021
Contest – Profitez de l’été en bonne compagnie !
3 November 2021
Pre-departure advice for Snowbirds
27 September 2021
Get back to school ready!
27 September 2021
6 solutions for tackling the biggest drains on your time as a business owner
From meetings to emails to billing, do you feel like you don't have the time to do everything you need to do for your business?
24 September 2021
The 3rd edition of the Revue Santé is now available
Discover the best projects submitted as part of our Prix Stars du Réseau de la santé (Prix SRS).
24 August 2020
Get back to shcool ready contest
Participate in our "Get Ready for Back to School" contest for a chance to win $250 towards the purchase of your school supplies.
15 April 2020
Follow us on LinkedIn
Join the LINKEDIN community of the only financial institution exclusively for you.  
17 March 2020
Even from a distance, you can count on us!
The Caisse is with you wholeheartedly during this difficult period. Discover the transactions you can make remotely.
16 March 2020
COVID-19: Desjardins announces relief measures for personal and business members and clients
Find out about relief measures for personal and business members and clients.
5 February 2020
Tips and tricks for sticking to your budget and saving
February 5, 2020 Tips and tricks for sticking to your budget and saving...
22 January 2020
Revue Santé
Check out our Revue Santé! This magazine features SUCCESSES...