Automatic investments keep your emotions in check

Decide on an amount and set up regular, automated transfers to your investment account—just like the pros. It’ll help you resist the temptation to outguess the stock markets, whether by trading frantically under emotional stress or staying too long on the sidelines during a bull market.


This is why we recommend keeping up with regular automated contributions.


A diversified portfolio is better for weathering the unexpected


Lastly, diversified portfolios are more resilient during volatile periods; a portion of your investments is protected against major fluctuations.


As a rule of thumb, you won’t be affected as much by shaky market periods, unlike more daring investors.


Whether you’re young or nearing retirement, the keys to achieving stability and long-term growth are the same: look at historical investment return data, manage your emotion, don’t touch your investments and automate your savings.


If you feel uncertain, take a deep breath and remember: Based on data from the last 100 years, changing your course during a storm usually isn’t the best strategy for your investment in the long term. You’re better off waiting for everything—including your finances—to stabilize.


If this situation is keeping you up at night, talk to us!


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Source: Desjardins blog