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Improving support and mentoring provided to clinical nursing and multidisciplinary services staff to boost their competencies and ensure retention

Becoming a health care professional is a process that goes beyond the initial training; the transition from the academic to the clinical setting is challenging and adapting to a new work environment can take several months. For this reason, the CISSS de la Montérégie-Est implemented a clinical support program in nursing and a competency-based program for multidisciplinary services professionals.

The establishment of a competency-based learning culture in clinical settings provides the cornerstone for supporting clinical staff as they integrate into the profession.

These programs include onboarding and training, mentoring and preceptorship activities over a two-year period following their hiring. They provide a process and tools that are tailored to the practice environments and the employees’ needs and strengths. Mentors in the Multidisciplinary Services Directorate, clinical activity specialists in youth services, and nursing consultants and preceptors in the Nursing Directorate provide individualized support to help the mentee (new employee) acquire the competencies needed within the organization. The transfer of specific knowledge to this clientele is done by experienced sponsors within these teams.

Thus, the CISSS de la Montérégie-Est promotes the attraction and retention of clinical staff by offering them the support they need to integrate seamlessly into the organization and their professional career.


Project submitted by Véronique St-Pierre and Marie Giasson, Nursing Consultants

Other contributors to the project: Nathalie Lemire, Assistant Director, Multidisciplinary Services Directorate; Julie Darveau, Assistant Director, Nursing Directorate; Julie Ste-Marie, Youth Services Consultant; and Véronique St-Arnaud, Nursing Consultant