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CareSimple—Remote patient monitoring for patients with COVID-19

In March 2020, as the pandemic hit Quebec full force, the number hospital patients with COVID-19 skyrocketed. In order to limit hospitalizations, the Direction coordination réseau (DCR) at the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) set up a remote monitoring program, CareSimple, to monitor the health of patients on a daily basis following hospitalization, as well at that of outpatients and visitors to the CHUM emergency department with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, and to be able to direct them to the right place in the event that their health condition worsens. Key objectives are to reduce the spread of the virus and debottleneck health care services safely, while maintaining optimal physical and psychological care for patients. Thanks to the CHUM’s capacity for innovation and rapid response and a partnership with CareSimple, the COVID remote monitoring program was launched in less than four weeks.

According to a study conducted between May and August 2020, 89% of CareSimple users felt that the services offered were useful and met their needs. Overall, 89% said they were satisfied with the quality and safety of the care they received. In addition, the help provided by the DCR team serves as a safety net. When patients show signs of distress, the connection with the team helps reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety related to symptoms and quarantine, especially among those living alone.


Project submitted by Caroline Riopel, Head of COFR – COOLSI

Other contributors: Marie-Eve Desrosiers, Network Coordination Director, CHUM; Annie Talbot, MD, Co-Medical Director of Network Coordination; Marie-Pascale Pomey, Public Health Physician, CHUM; Caroline Riopel, Head of the Centre de coordination COFR-COOLSI; Vitalie Perreault, Nurse, Centre de coordination COFR-COOLSI; and Nathalie Bellavance, Nurse, Centre de coordination COFR-COOLSI